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The project is based on our client’s vision of a technically advanced office complex for internet companies. In the new work environment spontaneous interaction between companies leads to new ideas, products and processes. Places for gathering and informal meeting were to be part of the program. Flexible office space is arranged around three interior atria and three courtyards. In addition 50,000 square feet of retail, including a health club and a child care facility, create the street edge. A 400,000 square foot garage on four levels forms the base of the building. The main public level for the project is on the fifth floor where the interconnected atria begin. The roofs of the low rise buildings on the street edge form landscaped gardens with bay views. The site, at a major entrance to the city, is highly visible, and the buildings will be framed by a hillside. The buildings are designed to be very transparent with clear glass and exposed structure. At night the atria will glow like lanterns and the showcase bay windows will highlight individual companies. The western shade screens will be illuminated to reveal changing messages.