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米慎湾老人社区是旧金山的米慎湾地区的300英亩的总体规划的一部分。该项目提供了周围社区所急需的老人住宅以及基础设施。建筑坐落在一个非常醒目的场地上,在作为社区的入口性标识建筑的同时为街道两旁提供公共服务。该设计创建了一个朝南并有遮阳的花园并向米慎河敞开,使得运河边的景观延伸到场地内部。本项目除老年住宅之外还包括成人日间保健中心,零售空间和旧金山公共图书馆的分馆等其他功能。其中图书馆位于放在最显眼的街角,双层通高的宽敞门厅将人流带向不同的功能区并为每个区的使用者提供了集中会客的区域。该项目获得Terner奖提名,国家奖励计划承认卓越的规划和保障性住房的设计奖,以及2006年Gold Nugget Award奖综合体类型的金奖。


Mission Creek Senior Community is part of the 300-acre master plan for the Mission Bay district of San Francisco. The project provides much needed senior housing as well as infrastructure for the surrounding community. Located on a highly visible site, Mission Creek Community serves as a gateway to this district while offering public services along the street. The design creates a south-facing sheltered garden that terraces down to the Mission Creek Waterway, extending the landscape of the canal edge into the site. In addition to senior housing, the project includes amenities such as an adult day health center, retail space and a branch of the San Francisco Public Library. The library is situated on the most prominent corner and is highlighted by a double high glass reading room to emphasize the civic nature of the building. A pedestrian arcade creates an inviting front that also serves to protect and shade the communal areas. The project was a finalist for the Terner Award, and national awards program recognizing excellence in the programming and design of affordable housing, and received a Gold Nugget Award in the mixed use category in 2006.