Santos Prescott and Associates

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Adele Naude Santos and Bruce Prescott lead the practice. Ms. Santos was the founding Dean of the new School of Architecture at the University of California, San Diego, and was the Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT from 2004-2014. She is currently a Professor of Architecture and Planning at MIT. .

The work of Santos Prescott and Associates has been published in Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record and Metropolitan Home (New York), Domus (Milan), and Toshi Jukatu, Nikkei Architecture, and Japan Architect (Tokyo), among others.


Adèle Naudé Santos, FAIA, ARCUK


Adèle Naudé Santos, FAIA, is an architect and planner whose career combines professional practice, research and teaching. Her work is widely known for design excellence. Ms. Santos has won international design competitions, published work in journals world-wide, and has worked in cultures as diverse as Japan, Africa and the United States.

Ms. Santos takes a holistic approach to architecture, supported by her belief that people need more from the built environment than accommodation of functional requirements. Her architecture seeks to create environments that satisfy the human spirit. Her belief that architecture be socially, as well as contextually, responsible can be seen in all of her projects, and particularly in her design of housing, a subject to which she has devoted much recent professional and academic effort. In her more than thirty years of practice she has been involved in the construction of hundreds of dwelling units on four continents

Ms. Santos is a leader who is able to guide group efforts. She has developed communication styles that convey complex architectural ideas in a manner easily understood by clients and community groups, enabling her to cross cultural barriers.

Her academic career includes professorships within the graduate programs of Harvard, Rice University and the University of Pennsylvania, where she also served as Chairman of the Department of Architecture and the University of California, where she was founding dean of the School of Architecture at UCSD. She was the Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT from 2004-2014, and is currently a Professor of Architecture and Planning at MIT.

Adèle Naudé Santos received her architectural degree from the Architectural Association in London and holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard and a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bruce Prescott, AIA


Bruce Prescott, AIA, is an architect and urban designer whose experience reflects a passion for refining projects so that a design concept is fully realized in constructed form. Inspired by the conjunction of ideas and tectonics, Mr. Prescott brings to his work an unusual combination of skills and knowledge that enables pragmatic considerations to enhance rather than inhibit the poetry of buildings.

His collaboration with Adèle Naudé Santos is complemented by work in professional organizations such as the Center for Environmental Design and Planning at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as through teaching design to graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California. Committed to sustainable design throughout his career, Mr. Prescott is an accredited professional in the USGBC LEED program.

Mr. Prescott manages complex, team-oriented projects, leading consultants while also refining the architectural design as a project evolves. He is involved in all phases of the work, from programming to sketches and presentation drawings budgets; from detailed specifications to oversight of the work through construction and use by the client.

Mr. Prescott holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Medal of the American Institute of Architects for the student with the highest record in all courses. He was graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in Saint Louis.