Santos Prescott and Associates

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Somerville, MA




Adele Santos


2000 SF

This private house is part of the continuing redevelopment of a former industrial site in Somerville. The masonry shell of the former Firefly Press presented the opportunity to make a loft-like space on the ground floor, and support second floor cantilevered from this base.

The key concept was to create a visually connected living space that is over seventy feet long from the front to the rear, encompassing a central courtyard connecting to the side garden. The living/dining space and a a studio/library/family roomsurround the courtyard. The two bedroom suites on the second floor are separated by the courtyard and each has a private roof terrace. Double height spaces are lit from these terraces, bringing south light into the dining/living area and north light into the studio/library. The cantilevered bedrooms also create overhangs sheltering the large windows and sliding doors facing the side garden from the living spaces. A two car garage is placed at the rear accessed by a private driveway shared by two houses.

23 Village Street