Santos Prescott and Associates

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San Fracisco, CA

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This senior housing development has 140 one bedroom and studio units, as well as on-site services provided though a senior center that will also be open to the community. Given the tight urban site, logistics both of construction and of building operation were a design challenge. The project underwent in-depth design review with the city of San Francisco because of the historic context, while at the same time, project cosponsor Openhouse wanted to express a dynamic and forward-looking image.

We were able to make a 7-level building using type III over type I-A construction by ensuring that the entry level qualifies as a basement. A small common lounge at the end of each hallway provides space for casual gatherings of residents, and a shared balcony at the top floor allows all to share in the beautiful views from the site.

Adelman and Gurevitch Openhouse Community 95 Laguna