Santos Prescott and Associates

site by 67a2 media


Los Angeles, CA




The Cultural Foundation


60 acres


with Hodegetts and Fung, Rios Pearson Landscape Architects and Mary Miss

ARTSPARK LA was to consist of five facilities for the visual and performing arts, to be built by the Cultural Foundation of Los Angeles on a site in the San Fernando Valley. The project included a concept for the master plan of the park, a natural history museum, an outdoor amphitheater, and a 1000 seat restaurant. Ours was the winning design in an international competition. Our approach was based on an interpretation of the history of the Valley’s landscape. The design creates settings for each of the facilities by manipulating the landform within a grove of fruit trees. An existing flood control lake creates a waterfront setting for the restaurant and amphitheater, while the natural history museum spans a restored waterway.

Arts Park LA