Santos Prescott and Associates

site by 67a2 media


Newlands, Cape






Adele Naude Santos, A.P. de Souza Santos

The panhandle site is located in an area of small lots and large houses in an eclectic variety of styles. On one edge the site drops to a stream and to the northwest affords a mountain view. The client’s family consisted of four small children each of whom needed an individual domain. Conceptually the house presents blank and anonymous fa├žades to the street and adjacent houses, securing privacy for both the clients and their neighbors. It is open and free to the garden, the sun and view, with large glass areas which are protected by a continuous loggia providing shelter and veranda space. The undulating free form of the loggia reflects this concept and responds to the landscape, dominated by large existing oaks and dramatic views of the mountains while providing sun protection in summer.

House Stekhoven