Santos Prescott and Associates

site by 67a2 media


Saratoga, CA




Villa Montalvo


2000 SF


Stastny Brun Architects (Executive Architect); Douglas Hollis (Collaborating Artist)

The project consists of two cabins as part of a complex of ten designed by artist-architect collaborative teams for the Villa Montalvo’s artist-in-residence program. Located in an old plum orchard on a slope overlooking the villa, the cabins address a sloped site with challenging environmental requirements. Under the guidance of site architect Don Stastny, five artist-architect teams each designed two cabins tuned to the needs of artists working in a particular medium. We collaborated with artist Douglas Hollis on living and working space for visual artists. Our project provides separate studio and living spaces functionally linked by a covered walkway and tied together visually by a sweeping curved roof. The buildings are designed to incorporate passive solar heating and cooling and active solar hot water heating systems.

Montalvo Arts Center