Santos Prescott and Associates

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San Francisco, California

Unit Count

120 family units and a 40-student child care center

Exterior photos copyright Michael O’Callahan

One of the first blocks to be constructed in an eleven-block redevelopment area, Natalie Gubb Commons provides affordable family apartments with urban amenities. The project uses an innovative prefabricated steel frame construction system to take advantage of the height limit on the site while delivering apartments at a cost per unit that is competitive with low-rise construction.

The mixed-use design engages the larger community with a child care center on the ground floor facing the park, which will serve both children of residents on site and from surrounding buildings.

Outdoor spaces were created to accommodate family living in this very urban environment. A large, central courtyard with zones for family gathering, children’s play and a small basketball court was carved between buildings.

Large family units are concentrated in the low-rise block along Clementina, where the ground level units have dual entrances and two-level plans that provide privacy despite tight planning.

The sustainability program emphasizes long-term durability in all systems and materials. The steel frame provides a resilient and repairable structure. A solar pre-heat system for domestic hot water, carefully located to minimize shadowing from the adjacent towers, contributes to energy efficiency, and the project incorporates on-site storm water control. The project is Green Point Rated Platinum.

Natalie Gubb Commons – Transbay Block 7