Santos Prescott and Associates

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Ninomiya, Japan




SDC Corp., Tokyo


3,000 SF


T and T Architects, Tokyo (Executive Architect)

This company guest house for the SDC Corporation is situated outside Tokyo in Ninomiya, a seaside town overlooking the bay. The site, part of a natural preserve, is densely covered with cypress. Living spaces are arranged in an overlapping order, stepping down the slope from the chimney at the high point toward the ocean. The overlapping living areas can be partitioned by traditional sliding screens. References to the sylvan context are key generative aspects of design. The intervals of both apertures and columns are established by a geometric progression echoing the natural order of the forest. Tree-like columns with branching struts support a large sky window which allows glimpses of the leafy canopy above and permits the forest’s dappled light to become that of the house.

SDC Guest House